New Hampshire Rail Transit Authority

Video Recordings of Public Meetings

Note that this is NOT an OFFICIAL Website of the New Hampshire Rail Transit Authority.
For official minutes and other postings, please go to
Also note the separate 
NH Capitol Corridor Study website that conains information
about the ongoing 18 month study process and the new
New Hampshire Rail Transit Authority web site .
Also note
the new NHRTA Facebook Page and NHRTA Twitter Page (sign in required).

 The videos listed below have  been part of a project by the Sierra Club, NH Chapter, Transportation Action Team,
 from August 2013 to December 2014 to monitor the public meetings of the New Hampshire Rail Transit Authority.
Please note that he Webmaster was the 'Rail and Transit Specialist' for the Transportation Action Team, and was also a
volunteer video producer for Pemi-Baker TV, a public access Cable TV station in Plymouth, NH.

Please note that RSA 91-A:2 (II) specifies that "Any person shall be permitted to use recording devices, including,
but not limited to, tape recorders, cameras, and videotape equipment, at such meetings."

As I have moved to Saco ME on January 6, 2015, I am no longer able to videotape the NHRTA meetings. But even more important, nobody has volunteered to take my place. If you would like to assume my duties on a VOLUNTEER basis, I invite you to converse with me by e-mail or telephone:

Kenyon F. Karl
207-467-5912 (cell phone)

and/or request information and technical support from whatever Public Access Cable TV Station serves your community.

However, since I am still interested in whatever progress the NHRTA is able to make towards its goals, I will continue to update this website with whatever meeting materials and the like are received by e-mail from NHRTA!






* Indicates a PDF file. Please note that FREE Acrobat Reader software is available for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Solaris computers from the website.

Other Websites with Videos of Public Meetings in Maine & Eastern New Hampshire

Archival Websites with Videos of Public Meetings in New Hampshire & Eastern Vermont

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